Zonta Club of Concord Awards Largest Ever Scholarships at NHTI

Scholarships ensure continued education for five students

concord smallCONCORD — The Zonta Club of Concord has awarded $6,500 in scholarships to five NHTI students: Krista Boyce (Hillsboro), Danielle Bragdon (Rumney), Courtnie Clark (Center Barnstead), Jessica Daniels (Northfield) and Jennette Wolfgram (Deerfield). Scholarships from the Zonta Club of Concord are geared toward women who have returned to College five (or more) years after graduating from high school. Ms. Clark and Ms. Wolfgram are both first-year Nursing students. Ms. Boyce is earning a degree in Health Science with a special focus on nutrition. Ms. Bragdon is prepared to graduate later this month with an associate’s degree in Human Services. Ms. Daniels is a first-year student majoring in Dental Hygiene. The awards range from $1,000 to $1,500 per student. This $6,500 contribution from The Zonta Club of Concord represents their largest gift to NHTI, Concord’s Community College.

            “The Zonta Club of Concord has been funding scholarships at NHTI for more than a decade,” says Karla Roth, President of the Club. “We have no doubt that these five young ladies will reach their educational and career goals. They are dedicated and hard-working, many of whom are balancing a college workload with their home and family life as well as working part- or full-time jobs. It is not easy what they are doing!  So the Zonta Club is very pleased to offer them financial assistance.”

            Susan B. Dunton, President of NHTI, Concord’s Community College says, “The Zonta Club of Concord has been a very generous and longstanding community partner with the College. In addition to providing tuition assistance, Zonta Club members come to the College each spring to meet the students face-to-face. The President of Zonta invites the students to attend their annual auction and offers the students a chance to speak about how the scholarships have helped them.”

            Since 2006, the Zonta Club of Concord has awarded more than $30,000 in scholarships to 33 students. For more information about the Zonta Club of Concord, visit www.zontadistrict1.org/area-1/concord-nh.html

In Honor of International Women's Day

We collaborate once a year with the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire and co- sponsor a film series that focuses on documentary films that tell the story of women's struggles for equality and safety. In March, we showed the film Pray the Devil Back to Hell, the remarkable story of thousands of Liberian women whose peaceful grassroots activism ended a bloody civil war and brought peace to their shattered country. This internationally acclaimed film is shown in honor of International Women's Day and is a free program. At the end of the film there was a brief discussion of the film and its impact. 

Named Me Malala - Screening

Wednesday, March 23 at 7 PM Red River Theatres, 11 S. Main Street, Concord NH: A special event in honor of International Women's Day, presented in partnership with the Zonta Club of Concord and sponsored by the Lantos Foundation; part of the World Affairs Council's Crossroads Film & Discussion Series.
HE NAMED ME MALALA: A look at the events leading up to the Taliban's attack on Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, for speaking out on girls' education followed by the aftermath, including her speech to the United Nations.

Jane M. Klausman Scholarship

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship is awarded annually to women pursuing undergraduate or master's degrees in business management. The recipient of the Zonta Club of Concord’s $1,000 award will be eligible to compete at the Zonta District 1 level for an additional $1,000 award. The successful Zonta District 1 recipient will qualify to compete for one of 12 international scholarships of $7,000 each. The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships are awarded annually and may be used for tuition, books or living expenses at any university, college or institution offering accredited business courses and degrees.

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