The District Website is an important tool for communicating with members, for accessing information and for promoting club accomplishments to visitors. To be effective, the site must be updated on a regular basis. District officers, District Committee Chairmen and Club representatives are requested to provide updates on a monthly basis.  Text, documents and photos can be sent to Include your full name, email, your club name and the URL of the pages to be edited. If you would like to update the site yourself, see the Website Editing info below.

How to find Zonta on social media: 


  1. Type “Zonta District 1 Facebook” for ZD01
    Type “Zonta Facebook” for Zonta International
    into the search bar, and click on link to get to our Facebook page.
  2. You can “like” posts without a Facebook account by clicking on the “like” icon like icon located directly underneath the post, but you do need an account to “share” a post.


  1. Type “zonta Instagram” in the search bar, and click on the link to get Zonta International (@zontaintl) Instagram photos and videos
  2. You can scroll through the pictures and “like” them by clicking on the heart icon instagram heart icon when highlighted.


  1. Type “zonta twitter” in the search bar, and click on the link to get Zonta International
    (@ZontaIntl) Twitter feed, pictures and new.
  2. You can “like” a tweet by click on the heart icon twitter heart located underneath the tweet box, but you need an account to “re-tweet” a post.

Website Editing

Request editing permission by contacting 
Include your full name, email, your club name and which pages you want to edit. 

After receiving the Username and Password, log into at the bottom right of the home page.

edit buttonNavigate to the page you wish to edit and click the edit button.  

The task pane is similar to Word. TASKBAR The link button and insert a picture button are on the bottom row.

Q. What should our club be publishing on this site?
A. Information of interest to members and visitors. For example: Announcements about upcoming meetings, speakers, events, etc. Highlights of activities completed, including pictures. Club newsletter, calendar, facebook link. Links to documents or websites you want readers to review.

Tip:  I compose content in Word, then copy and paste the text onto the webpage.  To ensure the font type and size are all the same in the page, use the clipboard with "T" on the second row middle of the task pane - paste the text there and click insert.

 What specific questions would like answered?  Happy to provide a tutorial:  Email

Log in for website:

Visit to login. On the left side toward the top of the page, there is a box where you can type in your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password below the login button. To create a username and password, click Forgot Username. Please see the screenshot below.: 


If you are still having trouble and cannot login or need your account reset, just email your request to:


Facebook Best Practices:

The Zonta District 1 Facebook page is at

Each Club would benefit from having a Facebook page as well. It is free marketing for your club.  
You need a Facebook account before you create the Club business page. Once the page is set up, one or more members need to be accountable for keeping it updated.  

Facebook Best Practices and FAQ's coming soon.