governor@ Joanne Puopolo Governor
ltgovernor@ Elizabeth Hart Lt. Governor
secretary@ Millie Blum Secretary
treasurer@ Pam Albertson Treasurer
parliamentarian@ MaryA Socha Parliamentarian
area1@ Sue McCoo Area 1 Director
area2@ Millie Blum Area 2 Director
area3@ Beatrice Schori Area 3 Director
area4@ Lisa Jacobson Area 4 Director

The individual Zonta Club is the basic organizational unit of Zonta International. Clubs exist to promote the objectives of Zonta International, and to initiate, adopt, and implement policies and procedures to attain these ends in their own communities, and throughout the world. Each club establishes its own level of participation in community service projects and local programs. By participating in Zonta district conferences and international conventions, club delegates form and regulate policies and adopt international service projects.

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Why Contribute to Zonta International Foundation?

There has been some confusion that Zonta International dues are used to fund the Zonta projects. They are not. Zonta International Foundation is the fundraising body of Zonta International and the only funds are those received from clubs, individuals, bequests set up in your will, authorized automatic monthly payments, and matching funds.

Learn more about the programs we fund.  Consider giving.  Mail-in Form   |  Online Form

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 Please consider stepping up to Leadership

Have you thought about taking the next step in your Zonta life? Would you like to learn more about leadership: public speaking, conducting meetings, governance, and decision making? Perhaps you would like to work with diverse groups, build relationships with Zonta members from both Canada and the USA and develop strong friendships with other Zonta leaders.  Click here to see what our past and present leaders have to say about their experiences.   5 new testimonials added! 


The Nomination Committee
Chairman: Sharon Leavitt, Bangor
Joan Lanzillo-Hahesy, Chelsea
Kathryn Patterson, Halifax

Elections will be held at the formal District Conference scheduled October 20-22, 2017 in the Berkshires.  Successful candidates will take office in June 2018 and hold that office for two years or until a successor takes office. The district board consists of the elected governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer and area directors, and a non-voting secretary appointed by the governor.

Zonta International Bylaws (Article XIII Districts Section 6 Officers) spell out the qualifications for nominees:  Each elected officer shall be a classified member of a club, shall have served at least two years in an elected club office and/or have been a district committee chairman. The governor, lieutenant governor and area directors shall have served at least one year as club president. An elected officer shall hold no other elective position at district level.

Below is a summary of elected roles. Please reference the Zonta International District manual for full details on roles and responsibilities for each position. The Nomination Committee is looking for a minimum of two candidates for each position.  The nomination form should be submitted to the committee no later than August 15, 2017.

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