Please consider stepping up to Leadership

Have you thought about taking the next step in your Zonta life? Would you like to learn more about leadership: public speaking, conducting meetings, governance, and decision making? Perhaps you would like to work with diverse groups, build relationships with Zonta members from both Canada and the USA and develop strong friendships with other Zonta leaders.  Click here to see what our past and present leaders have to say about their experiences.   5 new testimonials added! 


The Nomination Committee
Chairman: Sharon Leavitt, Bangor
Joan Lanzillo-Hahesy, Chelsea
Kathryn Patterson, Halifax

Elections will be held at the formal District Conference scheduled October 20-22, 2017 in the Berkshires.  Successful candidates will take office in June 2018 and hold that office for two years or until a successor takes office. The district board consists of the elected governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer and area directors, and a non-voting secretary appointed by the governor.

Zonta International Bylaws (Article XIII Districts Section 6 Officers) spell out the qualifications for nominees:  Each elected officer shall be a classified member of a club, shall have served at least two years in an elected club office and/or have been a district committee chairman. The governor, lieutenant governor and area directors shall have served at least one year as club president. An elected officer shall hold no other elective position at district level.

Below is a summary of elected roles. Please reference the Zonta International District manual for full details on roles and responsibilities for each position. The Nomination Committee is looking for a minimum of two candidates for each position.  The nomination form should be submitted to the committee no later than August 15, 2017.



The governor reports to Zonta International and is the link between the district and the Zonta International board, communicating through the assigned board liaison, and administers the affairs of the district.

Lieutenant Governor

The lieutenant governor reports to the governor and many lieutenant governors become governor, so it is important that they become familiar with the duties of the governor. The lieutenant governor is also the district membership chairman.

District Treasurer

The district treasurer reports to the governor and acts as financial officer for the district. The treasurer may hold office for up to two terms, unlike any other elected district officer.

Area Director

The area director reports to the governor and acts as the liaison between the clubs in the area and the district board. An area director is eligible to serve again four years after the completion of the area director’s first term in that office.


District Secretary

The district secretary is appointed by and reports to the governor, is a district officer and a member of the district board without a vote. Records the minutes of district board meetings and, after approval by the governor, distributes them to the board.



Cheryl Dorfman, Past Governor, “I pursued leadership within Zonta in large part because I had previously found that if one becomes involved in a group, the biggest personal reward can be found in giving of yourself to the projects and the direction of the organization.  That motivation led to my serving in club committee and officer roles and moving on later to District officer positions. In each case, I found that contributing my ideas and skills to Zonta efforts paid back to me personally in terms of the relationships I was able to build and the accomplishments we were able to achieve together on behalf of Zonta, particularly within the local community.  It is always a source of pride to be part of an effort that serves people in need.”

“Some people fear leadership, but a large part of leadership is working with others to achieve success and almost everyone gets a good feeling about such accomplishments.  Being a leader is not taking complete charge, dictating to others and having all the answers.  Rather it is working with everyone to ensure all ideas are heard, consensus is achieved and the projects(s) move forward to successful completion.  If one enjoys team work and implementing ideas, that person has leadership potential.  Start small – committee membership, chairing committees – and you will find the reward which I found and will likely move up to even larger contributions within our organization.  If you believe in Zonta, be part of helping to realize our potential, as well as your own!”

Liz Hart, Lt. Governor 2016-2018. “Serving as Lt. Governor and working alongside Governor Joanne has been an honor and a privilege.  When I served as President and Area Director, I thought I had a really good handle on “everything Zonta” but have been amazed at what else there is still to learn.  Being a life-long learner this has appealed to me both personally and more importantly professionally; as it has allowed me to go outside my comfort zone and meet new people, learn leadership skills that can be used in my career and be a voice to women locally and around the world who may not have a voice.”

Pam Albertson, Treasurer 2016-2018, “Since becoming a Zontian seven years ago, I've taken on a board position with my club after two years of "learning the ropes" at the club level and just acquainting myself with Zonta, its mission and processes.  Attending district and area workshops and conferences furthered my knowledge and created new friendships.  I am now on the district board where I'm still learning!  Other Zontians, many of whom have been members for quite a few years, have given me much support, guidance and inspiration along the way.”

Lisa Jacobson, Area IV Director 2016-2018 “I am honored to be serving in the role of Area Director for Area IV in District 1 under the superb leadership of Governor Joanne. As Area Director, I’ve had the experience of learning more about the other clubs in my Area and to work with the Area Club Presidents to further their goals for their Clubs, the District and International. Serving on the District Board has also been a privilege, and this experience has helped me broaden my horizons within Zonta International. I have learned so much from the other Board members, as well as the District Officers, and I look forward to learning and to contributing in the coming year.”

Millicent M. Blum, Area II Director  "When I became President of the Zonta Club of the Berkshires I found the board of directors and members were surprisingly non-judgmental, and thoroughly supportive. I found a safe and comfortable environment that encouraged me and increased my self-confidence.  In 2015, I was asked to serve as district secretary. I thoroughly enjoy working with Joanne whose energy and enthusiasm never waver. Liz and the Area Directors are more than willing to further the mission of Zonta and assist the various clubs in the district to be successful. I have learned much about Zonta on the local level and about Zonta on an International level, and have much more to learn.

Serving in a leadership capacity has provided me with much personal and professional growth, as there is always something new to learn, new initiatives to embrace and new challenges to resolve. Very recently I have been asked to serve as the Area II Director, a role I look forward to as an opportunity to learn how other clubs in the area are run, challenges they may face, and to provide any necessary assistance."

Nadine Salley,  Past District 1 Governor  "Why go on to District 1 leadership?  Take the natural next step in your Zonta journey after you've completed your Club's leadership path.  You can expand your knowledge of Zonta as well as increase your Zonta circles by becoming involved at the District level.  If you can become an Area Director on the District 1 Board you'll become more involved with the inner workings of other Clubs in your Area.  You'll work with those Club Presidents and share with them your experience as a former Club President.  The information exchange works both ways.  You'll learn what other clubs are doing for service and fundraising and scholarship, and you can bring this knowledge back to use in your own club; maybe even foster inter-club contacts and projects.  You can learn behind the scenes what goes into planning and putting on Zonta Fall Conferences and Area workshops.  This will help when your club serves as a host for these events.  You'll develop close associations and friendships with other Area Directors and the District Officers that you wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to do.  While you're helping out the District by serving, you'll be increasing your knowledge and commitment to Zonta in a very beneficial and rewarding way.  Give it a try, I highly recommend it and have never regretted it one bit.  I now have a group of Zonta friends from around the world after having served as part of the District leadership team."


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