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Equal Pay Advocacy

USA Resources

Canada – Resources

Advocacy videos:

  • Chosen”– anti-traffiking video focusing on teens SharedHope.org $49 for video and training information
  • “Telling Amy’s Story”– domestic violence Telling  PSU.edu
  • “The Day My God Died” – child sex trade streaming on Video.PBS.org/video/2247830654
  • “Girl Rising” – educating girls to break cycle of poverty GirlRising.com   $24 home use video, $350 for license for public screening.
    Materials for promoting public showing.

Organizations that might be of interest:

  • WomanForWoman.org – support and training for women in war zones,
    to help them provide for their families. Taught job skills, knowledge
    of rights, health and nutrition. Adopt a sister while she participates
    in the program, offering her financial and personal support through
    messages. Choose from Afghanistan, Bosnia, Herzegovina,
    Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda,
    South Sudan, or take an assignment of greatest need. $30/mo.

  • Our Underground Railroad – Ex-special forces members go undercover
    to rescue trafficked children and, with local law support, prosecute
    the perpetrators.

  • Bead for Life – This organization sells hand-rolled paper bead
    jewelry and shea butter products to support women in Uganda. You
    can buy individually or hold a party. This is just one of many
    organization that sells products made by women in third world
    countries, supporting them and their families.